I Love To Tell The Story

In many ways, I am the exact same girl in this picture.  The girl who started this blog (and promptly forgot about it) in 2011 before I left for college.

Again, I find myself leaving home, embarking on new adventures, and wanting to document them in some way.  After traveling abroad this past summer and finishing a challenging semester, I want my story to be told.  My story is sometimes one of excitement and adventure.  At other times, it can be monotonous and droll.  In both the happy and the sad, good and the bad, pleasant and unpleasant, challenging and easy times, there is one element of my story that remains unchanging »»» Jesus Christ my Savior.

Here on this blog, I want to share my story so that I can point you to His.


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Hello, my name is Kelsey! I am a 21 year old Missourian, college student, and lover of life.