Happy 50th, Princess Diana

If alive today, The People's Princess would have turned 50!  Hard to believe, I know.  Even though I was only 5 years old when she was killed, she has been one of my major inspirations for as long as I can remember.  Below are some of my favorite Diana/Kate outfit comparisons... enjoy!


  1. very beautiful
    new follow from hop i followed twitter too


  2. Great article, thanks! New follower from the hop, come by and visit me!

  3. Wow, it is weird that they are so similar! Reckon they still have the same person who dresses them? Either that or England keeps the same tone thru the ages. Never really paid that much attention. I am a new follower thru GFC and also sent a friend request to your Facebook. I would love a follow back on both of those if you don't mind. Take your time as it is a holiday. Enjoy it and have a Happy 4th of July!!


  4. Great pictures! I am OBSESSED with the Duchess of Cambridge haha Glad I'm not the only one :)



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